Travel Notes

Japan. Nijo castle. I never saw a place that not only said no photos but no sketching. The […]

The Judge

Thinking this morning about some of the people I love/have loved, I realize I’m drawn to narcissists. I […]

Revelations and the Odds Maker

I know many people who demur around religion. They say, I am spiritual, but don’t really belong to a […]

Memory Tricks

Part of being a parent is always having odd things in your pocket. Sometimes surprising, sometimes sticky. Mine […]

Bangkok Bites

Bangkok is what Las Vegas would be if it were built for Nevadans instead of tourists. Every inch […]

Olfactory Lane

When I drive home, my nose tells me as much as my ears or eyes. There is a […]

Fish on a Hook

Somewhere a jackhammer is rattling, and a cat is on my lap demanding pettage. The inner procrastinator has help […]

Dear Amelie

I have so many things to tell my daughter.  And I’m afraid I’ll forget, or worse, I’ll die before she’s […]