Heuristics for Living

If you don’t know what a heuristic is, it’s a short cut for a body of experience, a […]

The Joy Protocol

“Optimize for joy” was the advice my friend gave me when I decided to leave the job that […]

The End of the World

I was in line with a woman to buy Christmas dinner. We had both waited a very very […]

Watching dreams

When I was little, I had night terrors. The first dream i can remember was cookie monster swinging […]

The First Door

There was a door at the bottom of the staircase in the first house I can remember living […]

Memory Tricks

Part of being a parent is always having odd things in your pocket. Sometimes surprising, sometimes sticky. Mine […]

Bangkok Bites

Bangkok is what Las Vegas would be if it were built for Nevadans instead of tourists. Every inch […]

Olfactory Lane

When I drive home, my nose tells me as much as my ears or eyes. There is a […]