Letters from Belize

It is the end of July, 2023. The weather is unbearbly hot and still, except for when rain […]

The Rape

When I was a kid, and living in Des Moines, the old woman across the street was raped. […]

Travel Notes

Japan. Nijo castle. I never saw a place that not only said no photos but no sketching. The […]

The Judge

Thinking this morning about some of the people I love/have loved, I realize I’m drawn to narcissists. I […]

Revelations and the Odds Maker

I know many people who demur around religion. They say, I am spiritual, but don’t really belong to a […]

Fish on a Hook

Somewhere a jackhammer is rattling, and a cat is on my lap demanding pettage. The inner procrastinator has help […]

Written in my checkbook

In the line for the DMV all society laid low, class flat, life didn’t prepare you for this. […]