Travel Notes

Japan. Nijo castle.
I never saw a place that not only said no photos but no sketching. The wall paintings are lovely. It’s really the opposite of a western castle, empty as possible. I can only imagine how cold it was in winter.

Thailand. Wat Pho.
Sitting in a courtyard in wat pho surrounded by buddhas its hot and quiet but there is a breeze coming up. I can hear singing and praying. Tomorrow is the new year. Despite the sea of people out there, singing, eating, building sand castles in this courtyard I am almost alone. Only a few stragglers come through. I have room to make some peace in me.
Why am i alway rushing? where to?

Thailand, gas station outside of Bangkok
We like to see monks do ordinary thing, play with water in songkran, light a cigarette, because we suspect them of not being human. Of having some great secret link to the divine. When they act like us, we feel relieved. Maybe that link is available to us too. or for the bitter souls, maybe they aint so goddam special

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