Dear Amelie

I have so many things to tell my daughter.  And I’m afraid I’ll forget, or worse, I’ll die before she’s old enough to hear them.  I could write her a book. or a blog post. Or live forever.

Notes! in no particular order

  1. Wash your roots, but condition the ends. It’s the only way to deal with hair so it stays nice and clean looking.
  2. Go ahead and buy the expensive tights, because the cheap ones really do run faster. This is true of lots of stuff.
  3. It’s worth getting your knives sharpened every 3 months. You’ll actually cut yourself less (and cry less when chopping onions)
  4. Speaking of crying there will be moments when you think you are going to die for misery. The best thing to do is distract yourself. See a movie, go for a walk, read a book, go for another walk… because it gets better. If you are not dead, it can get better. It might get worse first, but it will get better. Be kind to yourself until it does.
  5. Go ahead and throw stuff out. I know it’s a waste, but you’ll feel better once the guilt passes.
  6. The instant you think “I can’t possibly do that” you really should try to do it. Unless it’s illegal.
  7. Even when they turn off your utilities from nonpayment, they’ll always turn them on again. No need to feel guilty.
  8. Companies fire unpleasant competent people before they fire pleasant incompetent. Don’t forget to smile!
  9. I did love your father.
  10. There are a lot of things it’s well worth paying someone else to do: housecleaning, accounting, car washing, plumbing… unless you like it of course. I’m not judging!


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